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Our top-scoring tutors help students gain admission to the colleges and universities of their choice and qualify for competitive merit-based scholarships.

Expert Test Prep


Having worked for many years for other tutoring companies both big and small, Tim always felt there must be a more effective way to teach and inspire students than the generic production-line model that corporate tutoring companies use.
With this in mind, he founded Tim McDermott Tutoring & Test Prep under the guiding belief that tutoring should be customized to each student, equipping them with the skills they need to increase their scores, boost their confidence, and develop a lasting appreciation for learning.

As Central Florida's preeminent tutoring center, we believe that tutoring can and should be not only empowering but also enjoyable, for only when students believe in themselves and desire to learn do they reach their fullest potential.

Our Story

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    • ACT

    • PSAT

    • GRE

    • GMAT

    • MCAT

    • Pre-Algebra

    • Algebra I & 2

    • Geometry

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    • Statistics & Probability

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Our Services

Meet Our Tutors

Our Approach

We evaluate each student's  learning styles to target the areas with most potential for improvement.

Diagnostic Assessment

We recommend students take a practice test after every 4-6 sessions to prepare for actual test conditions and identify what areas need to be reviewed.

Constant Analysis

We assign homework based on the specific areas where students need to practice and improve.

At-Home Assignments

Our tutors work with students one-on-one using personalized instructional plans on a weekly basis. 

One-on-One Tutoring

"I can't speak highly enough of Tim McDermott Tutoring and how it helped all four of my kids with their college testing!

Not only did my children's ACT and SAT test scores improve, their confidence and time management improved significantly also. I found the tutoring staff very knowledgeable, encouraging, and professional, and my children all looked forward to their weekly tutoring sessions."



"Simply the best tutoring and help you can invest in. Tim helped me increase my SAT score by almost 300 points and gave me the confidence that, with his help and my hard work, everything would work itself out--and it did! No better tutor in Orlando."



I had an AMAZING experience with this company. I worked with Jim for the ACT, and there are so many good things to say!!
Overall, the company really creates good relationships and works WITH the student to help them achieve their goals. They really focus on grasping and understanding the material and guide the student to success.
Not only did my score go up many points, but my confidence with the material increased greatly. They truly care!



"Tim does an outstanding job at getting high school students ready for the SAT and ACT. My kids have enjoyed and appreciated being tutored by Tim. The test results were great, allowing them to enter the colleges of their choice. They also had the opportunity to work with other tutors at his center, who are also highly recommendable. The customer service staff at Tim McDermott Tutoring & Test Prep is excellent. They are prompt to respond, send reminders and are always willing to assist with any questions we have."



"Tim helped both of my students improve from excellent scores to perfect and near-perfect scores. Not only was Tim brilliant, but he consistently set an example of empathic leadership, tenacity, and profoundly good character. Every time one of my children went to a session, I felt like I was entrusting them not just to a teacher but to a role model."




You're probably


  • What makes you different from other tutoring companies?
    The depth of our tutors’ knowledge of the tests we teach distinguishes us from our competition. Our tutors have learned dozens of official SAT and ACT tests cover to cover and continue to enrich their knowledge of the tests by studying every new SAT, ACT, and PSAT released each year. This intimate knowledge of the tests is what has propelled so many of our students to perfect or near-perfect scores.
  • Why are there different rates among the tutors at your office?
    The rates for the tutors are based on their current demand as well as the amount of time they have worked within our office. All tutors have prior tutoring experience, have trained with Tim McDermott, and have scored in the top 1% on the SAT and ACT.
  • When should I begin tutoring for the SAT/ACT?
    We generally recommend that students begin tutoring during the summer between their sophomore and junior years, or at the beginning of their junior year. However, it may benefit some students to begin preparing earlier, such as those who are seeking to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship or to be recruited for athletics, or those who have trouble with standardized tests and would like a head start.
  • Should I sign up in advance or when I’m ready to begin tutoring?
    Our office has waitlists for students who are currently seeking tutoring, as well as for those planning to begin tutoring in the future. Because our tutors are in high demand and are often fully booked, we advise that parents add their students to the waitlist as far in advance as possible, especially if they have specific scheduling requests, such as if they need a particular day and/or time or desire to work with a particular tutor. There is no financial commitment to be added to the waitlist.
  • Do you offer any services other than SAT/ACT prep?
    Although we specialize in SAT and ACT prep, we also assist students with the PSAT, GRE, and GMAT. Additionally, we offer a variety of subject tutoring for general math and science courses. You can find which subjects and tests each tutor specializes in on his or her tutor bio.
  • How long should I tutor for?
    All students progress differently and have different starting points and goal scores, so each student may receive a different recommendation of sessions. Your child’s tutor will be happy to make a recommendation based on your child’s unique situation. We do not require students to commit to any given number of sessions and allow students to do as many or as few sessions as they would like.
  • Should I take the SAT or the ACT?
    You may take either the SAT or the ACT; no colleges or universities have a preference for one test over the other. As such, we recommend that you determine early on which test you perform better on and focus your efforts on that test. To determine which test is a better fit for you, we compare your previous scores on both tests. If you have not taken an SAT or ACT, we offer free baseline tests at our office on weekends. Additionally, if available, your PSAT scores may be used as a SAT baseline and/or your PreACT scores as an ACT baseline.
  • Am I required to commit to a given number of sessions?
    There is no minimum number of sessions required. You may take a break from tutoring or cease tutoring at any point in time. If so, any credit on your account will be returned to you.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Our office hours are 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday to Thursday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sundays.
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